During Primary Classes i.e. Class I to Class V, we constantly strive to provide a happy and stimulating experience to our students. We impart knowledge through audio-visual aid (Class edge – Smart class) role play and play way method.

During teaching we carry out CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION (CCE) if our student is not learning the way we are teaching, we will impart knowledge in the way he wants to learn. In this way, we provide enriching learning experiences and bring about their holistic development.

This new process of evaluation is used continuously and spread over the entire academic year. It is “Comprehensive” as it will cover all aspects of student’s growth and academic development. Academics areas will be based on the Book Knowledge, Art and Physical Education. Co-curricular areas will refer to life skills, participation in activities and personality development. This modified method of evaluation will be child centred Activity. It will encourage and enable the student to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

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